Tuesday, 12 August 2008

A break from reality!!

Life has been catching up to me lately. Not only am I suffering from a little PMS but I am also incredibly stressed out about the fact that in a few short weeks my husband's unemployment insurance will run out. This would not be so bad if he had a job lined up but he does not. And the worst part is I can't even get mad at him for it because it's not for lack of trying on his part. There just doesn't seem to be anything out there. I'm a little worried about how we will survive should he continue to stay out of work. I'm not talking like we are going to have to tighten our belts and curb our frivolous spending here. I am talking like I am not sure I will be able to feed my kid!! It's a little stressful and is totally starting to wear on me. I find myself snapping at both my husband and my baby girl. So, anyway, today I decided I needed to step out of my life for a while and I decided to take myself to the movies. I went to see Mamma Mia and it was awesome!! I loved it!!! Now I know some would say that when you are as strapped for cash as we are that I probably should not have gone to the theatre but whatever?!?! I went to a cheap one ($5.50 a ticket) and it was necessary to save my sanity for another day!! I am feeling a little revived and am trying to not become completely overwhelmed by it all. Maybe I will try and do a little scrapping later - that always puts me in a good mood!!

Thanks for letting me complain. I am not one to do it usually. I like to keep my problems/stresses to myself for the most part but it helps a little to throw it all out there.

So, final thought - if you need a little retreat from reality all your own, make your way to see this movie. You won't be disappointed!!!


  1. Oh, Tracey,
    I'm hoping and praying that everything will work out for your DH and your family.

    I can't wait to see that movie.I'm a total ABBA fan and from everything I've heard about it, it's good (except where Peirce Brosnon sings!!).

  2. I know I spelled his name wrong but I'm too lazy to go look up how to spell it right!!

  3. Thanks for your well-wishes Dea!!! I appreciate it!!

    The movie was great and actually Pierce Brosnan did alright! I was impressed with all of the singing! I too LOVE ABBA!!

  4. Tracey - sending good vibes your way. I would be stressed as well. Your blog is your space - complain away if that is what you need!