Friday, 9 May 2008

Shopping fun!!

A couple of weeks ago (April 13th to be exact) Maya & I met up with Grandma, Aunt Manda and her girls at Conestoga Mall to do a little shopping. We had such fun. The girls just love hanging out. We ended up buying them matching rain coats and boots and they were just too cute!! Anyway, Manda - the true photographer she is - of course had her camera with her and managed to snap a bunch of pictures of the girls during their random play. They are just so cute that I had to share some on here!!

How cute are they walking through the mall holding hands?!?! I love it!

Maya sporting some shiny yellow boots! They were a few sizes too big so made for a few laughs when she tried to walk in them!

Bria was loving her new kicks!!! They helped her run speedy fast through the aisles!! You can tell by this picture that they also helped her get some good air as she jumped for joy!!

Maya found this big ole floppy hat on a rack and had to put it on. She was so cute - I'm glad Aunt Manda was there with the camera to capture the moment!!

And what trip to the mall would be complete without a little cotton candy!! Zellers was having some special event or something where they were giving these away. The girls each had one - although Maya was not quite sure what to do with hers at first!! Thankfully, they abandoned them pretty quickly and we threw them in the garbage before they were able to completely fill their little bodies with sugar!!

Rissa trying to escape. I love this picture!!

Maya & Bria holding hands once again and looking so cute in their new gear!!

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