Friday, 16 May 2008


Well, it's been a crazy week so I haven't been online too much. I've been exhausted getting home from work. We took the students to the Special Needs ROPSSAA track & field meet this week. What a great couple of days - these kids/young adults are the best!! They have such a good time and for the most part could care less if they win. Just always have a positive attitude!! Anyway, I could barely keep myself awake once I got home from work. So, of course that means no real updates from my corner of the world. The long weekend is here, however, and I look forward to relaxing and doing a little scrapping!!!

I did want to share a couple of pictures Pat took of Maya today while they were out for a walk. I know she's my baby girl but these pictures are beautiful!!

And now I leave you with a cute story. I sneezed tonight (so not the cute part) and then I hear Maya say "bless you" although it came out "bess you" (whatever, I know what she meant). How cute is that?!?! Maybe not cute for everyone else but super cute for the mom! This girl amazes me everyday in all the things she learns and is able to do and say. She is such a little person now!!! She's growing up too fast!!


  1. I LOVE those photos of Maya!! She is so darn cute!

  2. Those are cute pics.. very well done Pat!