Tuesday, 1 April 2008

GIT R DUN - Quarter One over!

Yesterday marked the end of the first quarter of our Git R Dun Club over at Turtle Soup. When we started this club back in January we agreed to try to complete 2 layouts a week. So at the end of the quarter we should have 24 layouts. I am very happy to say that I completed 38!!! I was hoping to end the quarter with a flurry of scrapping but nope, didn't happen. My own personal challenge to myself for quarter two (in addition to the 2 layouts a week) is to beat my number from the first quarter!! We'll see what happens!?!?! Quarter Two goes from now until June 30th so I have lots of time!!!

So, last night there was no flurry of scrapping but I did make two thank you cards for a couple of Pat's Aunts who had sent some things for Maya. Now, for all you card-making experts out there this may not be impressive. But for me this is great!! These are the first cards I have ever scrapped outside of a class where someone was telling me what to do!!! I'm pretty impressed with me!!

Oh, and in addition to completing my first ever independent cards I also got to use my new Sophisticate QuicKutz font that I picked up at last weekend's Scrapping Turtle Yard Sale!!


  1. These cards rock!
    LOVE the sophisticate. That is a fab font...!!!
    My mom got a font at the sale too - but we don't know at all which one. We checked the website QK but found nada!
    Doesn't make it less cool tho that we don't know the name!!!
    Congrats on your Git R Du. I think I might have set my year goal too high!! Yikes!

  2. Thanks Kim!!

    No need to know the names of the fonts to use them! I have some in my binder that I always seem to forget the names of!!

    I'm not sure I'll be able to meet my goal this year but I will definitely try my best and I figure either way I will get lots of scrapping done and that can never be a bad thing!!

  3. Tracey, I make cards ALL the time, so I'll consider myself an authority on card-making and the first thing I thought before even reading your post but after noticing your cards was.. those are really cute! Love the flowers!

  4. Thanks Mindy, I accept your authority on the matter!! You are too sweet!!