Thursday, 6 March 2008

Where or where is Spring?!?!

I know as you move around the world of blogging you will probably see many posts on this very same topic but whatever, this is my blog and I need time to complain too. I am SO sick of winter! I know technically this is still winter and we have about 2 weeks until the start of Spring but come on.....Does that mean we need to have repeated snow storms in that amount of time. Is Mother Nature just trying to show us who is boss! I give - you're the boss and we are the lowly people at your mercy now ENOUGH ALREADY!!! I can't take anymore cold and snow! I WANT SPRING!!! I want to be able to walk outside without getting wet and cold feet. I want to be able to walk outside without worrying about falling on my a$$ because of all this ice. I want to just be able to walk outside period! I also want to be able to get in my driveway without feeling like I am on a roller coaster!! Just bring on the warm weather. I am ready now! Please! Maybe with the warm weather I can finally get rid of this cold as well. Right now I have the cold that never ends. And my cough - it is the nasty hacking cough of someone who has been smoking for 487 years. Only I DON'T SMOKE!!

Okay, enough bitching now! You all get the point!!

Oh, and check this spot a few months from now when I will be complaining and begging for relief from the heat!!

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  1. Oh man do I feel your pain. Maybe we can start a petition or something. Spring just can't come fast enough for me. I know, it makes me a terrible Canadian!!