Tuesday, 25 March 2008

11 Years of Being B.A.D. - 41 Years of Doing Good

For all of you bikers out there who are looking for a good ride, check out this year's B.A.D. Ride. Even if you aren't a rider but are looking for a wonderful cause to support please check it out! The B.A.D. (or Bikers Against Despair) Ride is a fabulous event where all monies raised are done so in support of the Toronto Distress Centre. This year they have planned a fabulous new ride route as well!!

I have been a part of this fabulous event for 3 years now. Even though I HATE mornings I drag myself out of bed at 6am and head to the AMC theatres and help with the set-up before the riders start arriving. It is inevitably cold and I am tired but once the riders start to arrive all of that is forgotten. While registering riders I have met so many great people and have shared brief moments with them. Forget stereotypes that say bikers need to be big gruff burly dudes - at this ride they come in all shapes and sizes!! The one thing they have in common is that they all care and come out to help raise money for a fabulous service. Toronto Distress Centres have been around for 41 years - that is an astounding amount of live's touched!!

You may wonder why I choose this event to support and participate in. Well, I do so in honour of my Nan who worked more years than I can remember for the Centre. As long as I can remember she gave so much of herself to the people whose calls she answered. She was and will always be a true inspiration to me. I can only hope to touch as many people as she did. We go to this event in her place and this was something she did each year before passing. I must admit when she was here I never made it out to join her and for that I will always have regret. I would have loved to have shared it with her for now I understand why she loved the day so!! It really is lots of fun. And believe me when I tell you that when those many many bikes start up -there is nothing like it!! So, this year and for as many years to come as I can manage I will continue to be a "B.A.D B.A.D." girl!!


  1. AWESOME Tracey! Keep on being B.A.D. :-)

  2. You are such a giving person Tracey! Very cool. The noise must be incredible and powerful!!