Wednesday, 11 July 2007

A Day at the Zoo - July 10, 2007

So, Maya and I packed ourselves up in the morning and headed out to the Toronto Zoo to meet up with Grandma, Aunt Manda, Parker, Keely, Bria & Marissa. It was a very fun day. The first part of the day was VERY hot - it got up to 32 degrees (and I don't so much like the heat especially when carrying a baby who has decided that she no longer likes her stroller)! In the shade it was nice since there was a cool breeze; however, there is not a lot of shade to be found at the Zoo. After lunch we headed into the splash park for a couple of hours and that helped cool us off since we all got wet whether we wanted to or not. It's hard not to when you are chasing little ones! Anyway, the kids had a great time in there and then we dried off and headed to the KidZoo where they got to pet a bunny and dig for dinosaur bones! Next, we checked out the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit. There was some nerves from a few of the kids while heading in but they quickly got over them and were enjoying how cool the moving dinosaurs were. Maya was the exception however - she was not a big fan of all of the dinosaur roars!! She did though really like the little stuffed dinosaur Grandma bought for her to bring home. Oh, and the stuffed lion that Bria picked out (and Grandma paid for) was also a hit!! What lucky kids - always so spoiled (with love of course) when Grandma is around!

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