Saturday, 30 June 2007

Ladies Night Out

So, last night was my first night out since Maya was born. I met up with a bunch of great ladies for dinner and I had a blast. My mom graciously agreed to watch Baby Maya for me so I met up with her in Kitchener and handed off the baby and all of her gear before heading to Guelph for dinner. So, several times on the drive there I was thinking that I should cancel and just go back to my baby. I mean, I'm the mom!! I'm supposed to be the one taking care of her. So many worries in my head about how she would behave for Grandma since she is such a mama's girl. But, I pushed them all aside and refrained from pulling a u-turn. Just before getting to the restaurant Mom called to let me know that Maya was doing fine and busy eating her dinner so with that thought in mind I headed in to the restaurant. Once there time passed quickly and I actually found myself having a good time. Of course, it was all other moms with me so there was naturally lots of talk about the little ones. A very leisurely dinner was had with good food and good company and then came the drive to Mom's. Wouldn't you know I get there and Maya is sound asleep and Grandma reports that she was an angel all evening! Of course, as I head in to give her a kiss she starts to wake up and then really lets me have it. Crying ensued for the next half hour or so - just long enough for her to make sure mommy knew she wasn't happy about not being included in the dinner plans. She did finally give in and went back to sleep and my peaceful angel returned.

So, all in all, ladies night out - a great success!! And now that I have experienced a return to the world where I am a person separate from Maya's mommy I dare say there may be more nights like this!

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