Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Ghost Ears - a story by Maya

The other night as Maya and I were getting ready for bed Maya decided she needed to tell me a ghost story.

And she let me write it down as she told it!! YAY for that! :)

I just had to share it so here it is....

Ghost Ears by Maya Gordon

Once upon a time there was a big Ghost Ears.
Big big huge ears and something happened.
Ghost Ears wanted to eat somebody.
They wanted to eat a girl and she was named Lilly.

(a pause to show me her Ghost Ears shadow puppet on the wall. At the same time she was making eating sounds with her shadow puppet)

He ate Lilly up.

The End.

Okay, seriously, tell me that is not the cutest thing ever!! I love this girl!

What's even more perfect is that the morning after I was checking out this week's MFT Bubble Bin and saw the Who's That Ghost? Flopsey set. Maya checked it out and told me this is exactly what Ghost Ears looks like. This set is for sure going on my list of must-buys for when I am able. MFT - please don't sell out before then, okay!! :) That image is perfect for the layout that will be coming.


  1. adorable, and I can imagine the scrapbook page you make with that story. Great memory this will make someday.

  2. Oh how sweet!! when I was reading your post I was thinking of the set it's perfect for her story.

  3. hahahaha! I love the story and how perfectly it fits with the set. Gotta scrap it girl, looks like you need that stamp set! ;)

  4. I love kid stories. My kids tell crazy stories too! I love when they tell me what they dreamt about!

  5. wonderful memory.
    lovely story you shared dear Tracey.

  6. That really is the cutest thing ever....awwwww...bless!

    Hugs xxx

  7. That is just so cute and what a beautiful memory it will be!!!

  8. Oh bless her little heart - she's just the cutest little lady xxxxxx

  9. lol....out of the mouths of babes...I tell ya

  10. What an awesome story... jack's usually end up insulting me... long story!