Wednesday, 20 June 2007

the end is almost near....

So, my baby girl is 10 months old now and as excited as I am about her getting older and learning and accomplishing new things it is a bittersweet joy. That's because as time passes it also means my return to work. I'm not ready to go!! I can't believe that in 2 months I won't get to spend everyday with Maya. (Okay, while I type this she is having a bit of a temper tantrum so maybe a return to work is not the worst thing that could happen?!?!). Seriously, though, I know mothers do it all the time but I am dreading it. I actually get a queasy feeling in my stomach when I think about it. That could have part to do with the fact that I think I have spent a total of 7 hours away from Maya since she was born so we are generally attached at my hip. I just keep telling myself that it will be good for both of us to get a little time away from each other....not to mention the wonders it could do for my bank account!!

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